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Payment with the bank card through ASSIST system.

The payment is done on the internet in real time after paying for the service.

For this transaction the following cards are accepted: VISA (all kinds), MasterCard (including Maestro), issued by any bank worldwide, as well as BELCARD and American Express cards.

On transactions with BELCARD cards

*Code CVV2/CVC2 is a control number consisting of 3 digits that is printed on the reverse side of the bank card. This number is generally printed in the top right corner of the signature line. The number entry is necessary to make sure that the card is used by the authorized person.

When you make a transaction with a bank card, the processing of the payment (including the entry of the bank card number) is conducted by OJSC ELECTRONIC PAYMENT COMPANY ASSIST with the use of the internationally certified programming and hardware system ASSIST. This system provides payment safety as it uses security protocol TLS to transmit confidential information from the client to the server and further actions in the processing center. It means that confidential data of the payer (card number, registration number etc.) are not accessible to the internet-store, the processing is completely secure, and nobody can get access to the clients banking details. Furthermore, the payment processing is carried out with the help of the 3D-SECURE technology, which is required by international payment system VISA and MasterCard.

To pay with your card:

  1. Enter the payment sum
  2. Choose the currency (Residents of Belarus will be denied service if they pay in Euros)
  3. Press the Pay button
  4. After you press the Pay button the system will redirect you to the provider website belassist.by that secures the payment safety. The authorized server makes the connection with the Buyer in secure TLS protocol and receives the bank card details (the card number, the expiration date, the cardholders name in the correct transcription as written on the card, as well as CVC2 or CVV2 indicated on the reverse side of the card). The electronic transaction is totally secure and confidential
  5. Your personal data and card details are entered not on the website, but on the authorized page of the payment system. Access to them is only possible in secure data transmission protocol TLS, as well as other technologies that provide internet safety payment such as Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode.

We accept all VISA, MasterCard, BELCARD and American Express cards. We recommend to make inquiries at your bank to make sure your card can be used for online payment.

Possible reasons for authorization failure:

  • not enough funds for payment;
  • the bank that issued the card has banned internet operations;
  • the processing time to enter bank card data has expired;
  • your data has not been confirmed in the system, error of format etc.

Depending on the reason of authorization failure you can:

  • make a query at the bank that issued the card;
  • in case the bank is unable to address the problem - retry the payment procedure with another card issued by a different bank.
  • Information on refunds: NO REFUNDS

Residents of Belarus that make payment in EURO will not receive the service

Service Number : 5c0f9dfea0158



Price list for services

1.      Participation fee

1st distance - 40 BYN or 20 EUROs or 1400 RUB

2nd distances - 20 BYN or 10 EUROs or 700 RUB

3rd distances - 20 BYN or 10 EUROs or 700 RUB

4tz,5tz and subsequent distances - 10 BYN or 05 EUROs or 700 RUB

Relay swim - 80 BYN or 40 EUROs or 2800 RUB

2.      Cost for members of the federation

1st distance - 20 BYN or 10 EUROs or 700 RUB

2nd distances - 10 BYN or 5 EUROs or 350 RUB

3rd distances - 10 BYN or 5 EUROs or 350 RUB

4tz, 5tz and subsequent distances - 5 BYN or 2,5 EUROs or 200 RUB

Relay swim - 40 BYN 

Membership fee (to the Federation) -23 BYR or 11,5 EUROs or 750 RUB

For pensioners, students, school children - 6 BYR or 3 EUROs or 200 RUB


Republican NGO Belarusian Federation of Sports Winter Swimming. 805003114


220035, Minsk, 13 Ignatenko street, room 103;

tel. +375 17 203 20 76, +375 296 86 74 99;

+375 295 20 93 77 (Chairman Shulgan Vladimir Vasilyevich);

e-mail: fzpb@belgart.by; website: www.belgart.by